Guinea, West-Africa. This short documentary explores the hopes and dreams of the young generation. Strong individuals caught between chances and changes, fleeing and staying. 
Production: blankpaper
Director / DoP / Editor: Miguel Temme 
Co-Director: Jonas Borgloh
Producer: Jonas Borgloh, Constantin Jansen, Mezeme Odette Caldwell
Music Composer: eeph 
Sounddesign: Johannes Grote 
Mixing: Hennig Großmann, Timecode 
Singer: Ornella Mikwasa 
Key Cast: Cecile Sarata Sagno, Bamo Modalfa, Mahamoud Dialo, Kante Mohammed, Foromo Lamah 
Sponsor: MVFPoor, GOBE 
a blankpaper film
2020 Student International Film Festival (STIFF) / OFFICIAL SELECTION 2020 Moscow shorts / OFFICIAL SELECTION 2020 Festival International du Cinéma Numérique de Cotonou / OFFICIAL SELECTION 
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